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Nova Advisory is born from the strategic merger of Pivotal Drive and Nova CPM. This union brings together two industry leaders with complementary strengths in technical prowess, financial transformation, and customer satisfaction. 

At the heart of Nova Advisory is a shared ethos both firms swear by: excellence. We are deeply committed to handpicking only the industry's best, ensuring that every interaction, solution, and innovation exemplifies the unparalleled quality with which Nova Advisory has become synonymous.

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Our mission is to serve as dedicated allies for financial professionals, leveraging our industry expertise to create strategic pathways.


We are committed to delivering a world-class experience, transforming financial perspectives, and unlocking unprecedented value for the individuals and organizations we work with.


Every interaction with us reinforces trust, commitment, and a strong trajectory towards mutual success.

Our vision is to become the trusted guiding partner for new customers, whether we are implementing OneStream or supporting finance transformation as a whole.


Nova empowers both existing and new customers to unlock extraordinary value and plan financial transformation through our deep understanding, collaborative approach, and transformative strategies.


Partners and Customers

We work with executives, accountants, and financial professionals from prominent national and global companies. Our approach is rooted in thoughtfulness and astute business acumen, enabling us to help them navigate complex data challenges and devise effective solutions using OneStream.

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