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SMART - Your Ally in a Journey of Continuous Growth

What is Our SMART Managed Services Program?

SMART is Nova Advisory's System Maintenance And Remote Troubleshooting (SMART) service. 


Think of it as your personal OneStream Concierge offering you premium post-go-live administration to care for your application and to help your team get the necessary support for managing OneStream’s many functions.

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I just wanted to say thank you so much for assigning me (the SMART team member) to our account. I have received overwhelming positive feedback from our customers who work with (the SMART team) member directly. She is very diligent and responsive in her work and it shows in the relationships she's built thus far.


– Senior Financial Systems Manager, World's Largest Retailer

Unlock extraordinary value with Nova Advisory's SMART managed services program

- a trusted partner that frees financial professionals from mundane post-implementation tasks, transforming each step into an achievement in its own right.

Journey Beyond Implementation with SMART

At Nova Advisory, our partnerships go beyond singular engagements. We embark on an enduring journey with our customers, translating shared financial transformation visions into lived realities. It's this spirit of partnership and transformation that echoes in our SMART managed services program.

SMART: Your Post-Implementation Guardian

SMART is not just a service; it's a commitment to mutual growth and continuous achievement. Whether it's maintaining a smoothly running OneStream infrastructure or troubleshooting remote issues, our SMART program ensures optimal functioning and consistent system improvement.

A Communion of Vision and Implementation

At Nova Advisory, we've been in our clients' shoes. We understand post-implementation challenges. That's why our SMART services dive deep into the heart of your problems, crafting enduring solutions that enhance the value your OneStream solution offers.

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What SMART Offers

With SMART, we streamline your journey towards success. Your partnership with us ensures:


Beyond Mundane, into the Extraordinary Realm

By undertaking the regular maintenance and remote troubleshooting tasks, we free your financial professionals to focus on what truly matters - achieving extraordinary results for your organization. With mundane administrative tasks well taken care of, SMART unleashes your teams to chase more significant milestones.

Choose a partner who accompanies you on your journey, helps you dive deep, and empowers you to create a shared vision of financial excellence.

Choose SMART; Choose Nova Advisory.
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