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Interview with Nate Coate, CEO: Merging Vision and Value for Unparalleled Financial Success

September, 2023

Headshot of CEO, Nate Coate with the quote "Our new company is a synthesis of Nova CPM's unwavering dedication to excellence and Pivotal Drive's zeal for groundbreaking innovations."

Mergers are often thought of as simply the combination of two companies. However, when guided by the right vision and people, they have the potential to create something far greater than the sum of their parts. The fusion of Pivotal Drive and Nova CPM exemplifies such a momentous union. Leading this transformative merger is Nate Coate, a seasoned executive, board member, entrepreneur, and investor, renowned for his skills in navigating companies to pinnacle success over two decades. With OneStream professionals spanning the United States, Canada, and Mexico, this merger's breadth is as vast as its depth. Each entity has maintained a flawless record of 100% customer satisfaction. Our partnership is driven by a commitment to prioritize customer needs and deliver outstanding OneStream solutions. A core principle that both Pivotal Drive and Nova uphold is their commitment to retaining only the finest talent in the industry. Each employee embodies the high-quality, dedication, and expertise of their respective companies. By merging Pivotal Drive’s technical prowess and post-launch support with Nova CPM's deep insights into financial transformation and C-suite consulting, this merger promises unparalleled value in the OneStream landscape. With this backdrop, we delve deep into a heart-to-heart with Nate Coate, shedding light on his aspirations, strategy, and vision for the newly unified entity. Here's our conversation: Can you give our audience a brief overview of the newly formed company and its mission?

Our new company is a synthesis of Nova CPM’s unwavering dedication to excellence and Pivotal Drive’s zeal for groundbreaking innovations. Our mission converges these strengths, positioning us as frontrunners in OneStream implementation and financial transformation services. Fundamentally, we operate on the pillars of accountability, curiosity, and respect. How will this merger benefit customers in terms of OneStream implementation services?

By combining the strengths of both Nova CPM and Pivotal Drive, customers can expect a heightened service experience. Our sharpened focus will enable us to deliver more efficient and successful implementations, revolutionizing their financial operations. Our mission is to serve as dedicated allies for financial professionals, leveraging our industry expertise to create strategic pathways towards financial transformation. We are committed to delivering a world-class experience, transforming financial perspectives, and unlocking unprecedented value for the individuals and organizations we work with. By combining the strengths of both companies, we will be able to offer our customers a wider range of services, more comprehensive support, and a deeper understanding of their unique needs. We are confident that this merger will be a positive development for our customers, and we look forward to working with them to achieve their financial goals. Tell us a bit about the core values that will define the culture at the newly merged company and how they will guide your way towards success and innovation. The merged company will be driven by five pivotal values that are designed to help us deliver exceptional service, foster strong relationships, and drive consistent growth. Our core values are accountability, bias for action, respect, motivation, and curiosity. These values will guide us towards success and innovation by helping us build strong relationships with our customers and colleagues, understand their unique needs, create innovative solutions, deliver high-quality service, foster an environment of trust and cooperation, align our targets with our customers' goals, and encourage personal and professional growth. What sets the newly merged company apart from other players in the market? I believe that what truly distinguishes our company is a culture of transformation and a commitment to fulfilling our customers' financial goals. This is embedded within our core values, which instill accountability, underline the importance of always taking action, foster an environment of respect, motivate us to seek the truth, and fuel a curiosity that drives our entrepreneurial spirit. We strive to form more than just business relationships; instead we foster partnerships where mutual success is the goal. Every team member understands this objective and takes responsibility for it, whether it's by stepping in for a colleague going on vacation or referring potential hires. Another unique identifier for the new entity is our focus on financial transformation. More than just understanding the challenges, many of us have been in our customers’ shoes before. That is how we create and realize a shared financial transformation vision together. Finally, our emphasis on customer success is one of our key differentiators. We believe that a happy customer is a repeat customer and we go to great lengths to ensure that we meet and exceed their expectations. Above all, we see ourselves as a trusted guide on our customers' journey to financial freedom – a journey we're honored to share. These elements together place our company in a unique space. How do you envision the newly merged company’s impact on the future of financial transformation and OneStream implementation?

We envision ourselves playing a monumental role in steering the future of financial transformation, particularly when it comes to the implementation of OneStream. We thrive in aiding organizations on their financial transformation journey, and by specializing in the OneStream platform from its early days, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a world-class experience to everyone we engage with. In the next few years, we see ourselves becoming a leading global provider in the financial transformation sphere. Financial transformation will be the driving force of our value proposition, supported by our specialities in premium post-go-live services. What advice would you give to businesses seeking financial transformation or considering OneStream solutions? Venturing on a journey towards financial transformation requires clear purpose, steadfast partnership, and a capacity to perpetually adapt. Begin by defining the guiding purpose behind your transformation— what your ultimate financial goal signifies for your organization’s larger objectives. Consider the bigger picture and look beyond the mere numbers. Of course, choosing a trusted partner forms a vital part of this transformative journey. A partner needs to be more than just a service provider and must positively resonate with your unique challenges, partnering with you to guide your path to realize substantial value. Lastly, in a world where change is the only constant, it’s important to foster an environment of continuous learning and flexibility. Nurture a culture that values the potential of every team member as an important contributor to the shared vision. Remember that, while revenue is a key success indicator, true financial transformation also achieves much more for organizations. Enjoy the journey of transformation as it isn’t solely about the destination, but also the tremendous potential awaiting to be unlocked along the way. We've heard about the upcoming relaunch of the SMART managed services program. Can you tell us more about this initiative and how it will contribute to the value the company brings to its customers? We've understood over time that post-implementation support and maintenance is an often underestimated yet crucial aspect of ensuring the resilient operation of financial systems. That's why we're committed to not just delivering services, but to acting as dedicated partners on our customers’ journeys towards financial success. This commitment deeply informs our revamped SMART program. SMART, an acronym for System Maintenance And Remote Troubleshooting, is designed with the shared vision of mutual success at its core. It’s a step beyond just delivering a service; it’s about providing ongoing support and maintenance ensuring the enduring success of our customers’ financial operations. Our relaunched SMART managed services program aims to be a trusted partner in this very regard. It transcends the boundaries of mere implementation and walks hand-in-hand with customers through the complexities of post-implementation processes. We maintain, troubleshoot, and continue to evolve our customers’ OneStream solutions to meet their changing needs. In essence, SMART underscores the extraordinary value we are devoted to unlocking for our customers.


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