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Two Great Tastes (That Taste Great Together)

Nova CPM and Pivotal Drive Merge to Offer Enhanced Services for OneStream Customers

April 2023

We're thrilled to announce that Nova CPM has merged with Pivotal Drive, a fellow OneStream Partner with an unparalleled post-go-live support model that will add value to our customers and enable us to deliver solutions faster. The decision to merge came after months of considering how best to achieve business growth while continuing to provide high-quality service to our customers. We believe that joining forces with Pivotal Drive was the best way to accelerate our vision and deepen our commitment to delivering top-quality services and superior value to our partners and clients.

We like to describe the new partnership as milk and cookies, with each of us playing a different role to enhance the overall customer experience. Milk and cookies are two separate things that have their own value, but when combined, they create something even better. Similarly, Nova brings to the partnership depth in finance transformation and C-suite consulting experience, while Pivotal Drive brings an experienced technical center of excellence and post-go-live administrative support resources, notably its System Maintenance and Remote Troubleshooting (SMART) program. This program is a premium post-go-live support model with a named administrator and a named backup administrator for each customer. SMART will continue to benefit both existing and new customers, who will now have the added option of enhanced premium services, based on Nova’s expertise with executive road mapping processes.

"Our OneStream customers will see immediate value from the deal,” said Laurie Bumba, founder and CEO of Nova CPM. “Nova has always seen OneStream through the perspective of each of our customers, so we knew growth was imperative. I am thrilled that we will now offer enhanced service and ample resources to our existing and future customers, driving success for all parties.”

This merger will ultimately enhance our offerings and drive value to our customers. The only immediate change to the Nova global customer experience will be the added value of resource depth to get solutions delivered faster with the technical savvy Pivotal Drive brings to the project teams.

At the end of the day, our number one priority is to serve our customers with excellence. We strive for all of our customers to realize greater value and peace of mind from the increased strength of the combined Nova and Pivotal Drive teams. Through this partnership, we'll be able to offer our customers double the OneStream trained professionals, including six OneStream Lead Architects, with employees in both Canada and Mexico, as well as every time zone in the continental US.

The 100% customer satisfaction rate of both companies continues with the merger, and the collective drive to guide each customer to the best possible OneStream solutions and outcomes remains central to the company philosophy. The transition will be as seamless as possible to our customers. This means that in the near term, customers won't see any changes to contracts and services. Additionally, customers will continue working with the same project teams on current projects, and all existing services and project schedules will remain as-is and without interruption.

At Nova and Pivotal Drive, we understand that milk and cookies are two separate things that have their own value, but when combined, they create something even better. We're excited to provide our customers with a similar experience through our partnership, and we look forward to sharing more and to providing you with enhanced services.


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