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Unlocking the Power of OneStream with Nova Advisory's SMART Services

November, 2023

OneStream is a powerful financial management platform that can help businesses of all sizes achieve their financial goals. Selecting the right implementation partner is an important decision, but oftentimes the responsibility to administer and maintain the platform after the consultants leave is less thought out. In a perfect world you can add more responsibilities to your already over-leveraged team or hire a new resource who can learn your business and the new systems. But when the stars don’t align, what are your alternatives to ensure you get the most out of OneStream?

Nova Advisory's SMART Services is designed to help businesses overcome these challenges and unlock the full power of their OneStream application. With a team of dedicated and experienced OneStream consultants, SMART provides businesses with the support they need to keep their OneStream environment running smoothly and efficiently, stay up-to-date on the latest features and updates, and focus on strategic initiatives - at a cost often less than hiring a full-time resource

Why Post-Implementation Administration Can Be Tricky

Managing any critical business system post-implementation comes with its set of hurdles and OneStream is no exception:

  • The Need for Dedicated Expertise: While businesses have talented teams, OneStream's evolving nature and continuous release of new features demand consistent attention and deep expertise. Being immersed in OneStream, staying updated on the latest releases, and drawing from best practices across the community requires a dedicated focus. This can be challenging to maintain internally, especially when your best and brightest employees are busy working on system maintenance rather than more strategic goals.

  • High turnover of system admins: Fully trained technical administrators are in very high demand, so many businesses face high turnover rates. This disruption can be costly in terms of time and effort needed to onboard and train new admins.

  • Diverse responsibilities: OneStream administrators juggle a wide range of tasks, from routine maintenance to complex troubleshooting. This often leaves little time for strategic initiatives, such as crafting new reports or implementing advanced features.

Such obstacles can stymie businesses, preventing them from fully leveraging their OneStream investments. By partnering with Nova Advisory's SMART Services program, businesses can overcome these challenges and ensure that their OneStream environment is running smoothly and efficiently.

Nova Advisory's SMART Services: Your Proactive Partner

Nova Advisory's SMART Services offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges of OneStream administration. It's a proactive approach that ensures businesses fully harness the capabilities of their OneStream application. By collaborating with Nova Advisory, businesses benefit from a specialized team dedicated to their unique OneStream needs. Here's what sets the SMART team apart:

  • Dedicated consultants: The SMART team isn’t just any consultants pulled off a bench or repositioned from another project. Instead, they integrate seamlessly into your team, becoming an integral part of it. As committed OneStream experts, they dedicate time to deeply understand your systems, collaborate closely with your team members, and thoroughly learn your processes. This approach guarantees support that is uniquely tailored to your needs, minimizing the time required to comprehend your configuration and swiftly isolate any issues.

  • Proactive, not reactive: Like your own in-house admin, the SMART team doesn't just wait for a call. They proactively scan your OneStream environment, spotting and resolving potential issues before they burgeon. This ensures your system runs as expected.

  • Priority access to the best: With SMART, you get privileged access to Nova Advisory's Center of Excellence architects and consultants. Be it substantial system modifications or intricate challenges, help is always swift.

  • Commitment to continuous enhancement: SMART is built around maximizing your OneStream ROI. Instead of just fixing the same issue over and over the team will suggest the changes necessary, champion ongoing improvements, and look for opportunities to leverage your monthly hours and continually enhance system performance.

  • Beyond ticket resolutions: The SMART team does more than just resolve tickets. A person familiar with your business will be actively reviewing your service requests, enabling them to identify the right solution more quickly. They innovate, consider alternative solutions, assess impacts, prepare users, and maintain clear communication throughout the process. This approach ensures your system evolves in a way that consistently meets your needs.

The Value of Partnering with Nova Advisory

Maximizing your OneStream application is pivotal for financial transformation. Nova Advisory's SMART managed services provides a proactive ally well-versed in your challenges. With SMART, your team is empowered, resources are optimized, and the true value of your OneStream investment is realized.

To achieve the “art of the possible” with OneStream, we believe you should not have to spend your valuable time dealing with system maintenance issues. The SMART team, backed by Nova Advisory’s highly experienced OneStream team, are here to ensure everything just works the way it’s supposed to. Please reach out and let's discuss the best strategies for your organization.


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